Dr. med. Jürgen Raths
General Management, Health Economics & Communication
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Medical doctor with 30 years of experience in travelling the European and global pharma business, with positions held as team member and guide in clinical research, medical, marketing, sales and General Management in Europe and the USA. Jürgen's log book of career journey's include CEO assignments in public and private specialty pharma companies. Jürgen is Managing Director of Cordée Consulting in Geneva.

Languages: English, German, French

Aurèle Ben
Medical & Regulatory
Access & Reimbursement
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Aurèle has just completed his "guiding education" as Medical Doctor and is experienced  in clinical evaluations, Medical Devices assessment and reimbursement in Europe and the US market.

Languages: English, French, Hebrew, German

Francis Denis
Finance, HR & Commercial
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Francis has been the financial manager of many expeditions. He has a deep and diverse international experience in multiple roles throughout big and small pharma, startups (biotech/devices, electromobility), large pharma companies and Belgian hospitals. Francis' touring logbook includes developing and implementing business plans, re-designing organisations, hiring and developing talent. 

Languages: English, French, Flemish

Dr. Jürgen Günther
Commercial & Supply Chain
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As a pharmacist and MBA, Jürgen has led various expeditions in unchartered pharma terrain: from the build up of a pan-European commercial specialty platform to the set up of global supply chains. He has successfully managed operations to achieve business and financial objectives. 


Languages: English, German, French

Dr. Achim Diedenhofen
Organisational Design, Talent Development & HR
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With a PHD in economics, Achim has travelled as senior consultant and partner through many industries. Achim has a passion for healthcare and is a well seasoned investor. Since many years Achim focusses his guiding assignments on building teams and developing talent as a trusted coach. 

Languages: English, German, French

Julia Norris
Project Management
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With a background in global marketing, merchandising and sales in the sports apparel and pharmaceutical industries, Julia has held a wide variety of roles across different industries. At Cordée, Julia's main focus and passion is to get projects running efficiently and smoothly. 

Languages: English, German, French

Dr. Daniel von Wittich
Leadership & Organizational Development
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As consultant and scientific advisor with 15 years of experience, Daniel helps organizations across the globe identify, measure and drive transformational change. With a passion to lead for impact and a background in economics and a PhD in leadership, Daniel helps teams to find the optimal path through the rocky landscapes of post-merger Integrations, business transformations, and cultural change. 

Languages: English, German, French

Dr. med. Jörg Rustige
Medical, Regulatory & Compliance
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Physicist and interventional cardiologist with more than 30 years of clinical and pharma experience. Jörg has held senior clinical research positions on both sides of the Atlantic and knows to navigate complex clinical, regulatory and due-diligence terrains. 

Languages: English, German, French

Dr. Anja Schäfer-Jugel
Medical Affairs, Communication & Commercial
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Anja has spent 30 years in leading teams in research and the health care industry. Her tour book includes senior European and global scientific and commercial roles. Since 2014 Anja is focussing on innovative projects in the pharmaceutical & medical device industries as well as in novel digital therapeutic solutions.

Languages: English, German, French

Pascal Chapelland
Training & Events
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Pascal has been a mountain guide for over 30 years and has been part of numerous professional ventures including hospitality and sport equipment. Pascal is passionate about the mountains and about sharing this unique environment with others, allowing them to achieve new levels of performance in their domain.  He is the President of the Compagnie des Guides St Gervais - Les Contamines. 

Languages: English, French, Italian

In all our projects we draw on a network of twenty technical experts selected and available according to YOUR needs

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